Shoujo Kakumei Utena by Colors :: Nanami and the Yellow Rose

   Nanami’s yellow rose is not only one of the roses with the widest variety of meanings, it’s also one of the few roses in the series that is sometimes detached from the duelist it represents (The other two being Touga’s red rose and Utena’s white rose)
   The yellow rose can mean a number of things, ranging from friendship and remorse to jealousy, betrayal, or withering love. While Nanami is often portrayed as a very jealous character who fervently guards her brother Touga from the attention of other girls, her character arc sees the yellow rose in almost all of its connotations at some point in time.
   In the bottom picture, we see the smaller yellow rose used to show the jealousy of Nanami’s three underlings as they decide to become her friends in order to become closer to her brother Touga. Moreover, understanding Nanami’s yellow rose becomes essential to understanding both Saionji’s green rose and Juri’s orange rose in the mixed-color interpretation.